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newspaper app development cost

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Newspaper Mobile App in 2023?

There was a time when people were addicted to reading the newspaper in the morning. The habit still hasn’t changed but the number of people reading newspapers has surely decreased. Today’s internet world has changed almost people’s habits to do everything on mobile. One of those is reading news online. There have come plenty of newspaper mobile apps which provide news related to every field in the world.

Newspaper apps such as The Times of India, The Hindu, The Economic Times and The Guardian etc. have taken over the newspaper industry. It’s been found in a recent study that there has been a decrease of 7% in the printing of daily newspapers. This is the case in countries like US, and India, as well as other developed nations like Britain, France etc.

According to the research, clients spend around two hours on newspaper apps to keep themselves updated. 70% of all Facebook clients keep visiting the news apps.

If we shed some light on this then there are so many reasons why today’s world is so inclined towards reading newspapers. The ability of mobile app development has a vast and huge impact on the world. Everything comes in handy now. One mobile app can be more useful and so easy to use than reading a newspaper which is 11 to 15 pages long or maybe more. You will find everything in the mobile newspaper app with just one click of buttons.

Let’s have a look at the five factors that contribute to the newspaper app development cost.

  1. Type of news app
  2. News app development platform
  3. News app development type
  4. News app development team
  5. News app feature


Let’s now discuss the scenarios that why online newspaper-based applications have taken over the world while leaving manual newspaper reading behind. Before that, have a look at the different types of newspaper apps that add to the cost of these apps:

  • News Aggregator Apps
  • News-based Mobile Apps

The news aggregator app is one of the important categories of newspaper apps. This kind of app covers all the data related to the regional level, and national level and everything around the globe is covered in this kind of app. People find such apps more comfortable as these apps provide some good features. Clicking on the app and the user will find top headlines, making them more attracted to the content of the apps.

Data related to important trends, events and exhibitions are mostly covered in such apps which makes users want to use such apps more frequently than any other kind of app. Besides this, news related to politics, entertainment and business with some positive and motivational articles are also included in it.

Depending on the subscription that the user purchases, these apps can be either paid or free of cost.  


This is the second category of newspaper-based applications. These kinds of apps provide data related to real-time. These are created by people who generally belong to the newspaper and media industry. These apps are more based on current affairs. Day to day basis activities are covered in these applications. An example of such activities is sharing market-related news which keeps varying every other minute. Besides this all the business-related news is shared in such apps.

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Generally, there are two platforms to make the news-based apps which are Android and iOS. Now the question that which platform is better to make apps depends on the requirement of the project. Comparatively, Android serves a diverse range of the public than iOS does. But at the same time spent on testing in Android apps is higher than that in iOS apps. Higher development time causes higher development costs.

Comparatively iOS platform is less complicated and it also generates more revenue than the Android app does.


Lately, businesses prefer building apps both on the native and hybrid platforms to increase their business performance. Comparing the news app development cost, hybrid apps are less costly as compared to native apps and they create cross platforms apps.

On the other hand, native apps provide the best experience and exclusive environment for the applications.


The cost factor of news-based apps depends on whether you choose to hire a freelancer or an experienced company. Comparatively, it’s better to choose mobile app development companies as they’re more experienced and responsible for the work. Freelancers may not be able to give you the required result as a mobile app development company does.

Let’s discuss the features that should be included in the newspaper apps which make users opt for it.



No one in today’s internet world is unaware of the login feature. If you have to access some apps, you first have to register yourself on the app and then log in to access the data that it provides. This is done by entering your e-mail ID or your phone number.


Once the user is done with registering on the app and logging in, then comes the next feature which is creating the user profile. The app asks for all the necessary and personal details of the user to create a user ID.


This is one of the important features of any app. This is one of the ways to keep a hold of the user. Every time there’s an update by the app, it should notify the user. With this it works for the user’s retention and provides them with every update.


Filter operations mean selecting a particular field of news in the app. The user can filter the options that the app provides by selecting the type of news such as politics, business, entertainment, sports etc. and he will be presented with that particular news-related page.


There are so many social media apps by which users keep getting all, the news related to the world. It is very easy to share news through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc. so this becomes very imperative for newspaper-based apps to integrate social media within so that it becomes easy for users to share the news with their friends and colleagues.


The advanced search feature gives users the facility to search for a particular piece of information or news just by entering some text related to the news in the search bar. According to the data entered in the search bar, the apps give the required result.


As it is very visible that in today’s world, everything keeps changing at a very fast pace. Every passing minute there’s a new update and news so it is important for news-based apps to keep up with the changing world and keep updating themselves. These apps must notify users about every passing minute update so that it keeps the users updated and it increases the visibility of the apps.


This feature allows the app owners to keep their users updated with the most current news even when they are in offline mode. This can be done by keeping the news in the cache and providing it to the users when they are offline.


Most of the time users are unable to read the news or even find the news at all. Integrating audio and video files can play a great role here. The user can simply watch the news or listen to the news while doing any other work. It is a great way to keep them updated.


You may have spent a lot on your news app development but if it can’t return a good result then it doesn’t make any sense in the end. To get a return on the investment, there are three monetization steps-


Apps use this feature to give exclusive data to users in exchange for fees. So users have to buy a plan to subscribe to the news.


That’s another way of monetizing the apps. Businesses spend a lot of money on advertising their companies. App developers can advertise the business on their apps.


In this way, app developers can sell tickets for events on the news-based apps for different shows which can also be done for a specific location or group of people with similar interests.

How Much Overall Does It Cost To Make Newspaper Applications?

Precisely, the cost of developing a newspaper mobile app would cost you around $12,000 to $13,000. However, if you look forward to adding some really good features as described above, then it would cost you somewhat near to $20K.


Online news reading has been rapidly taking over printed newspaper reading. The competition is increasing in mobile app development as well. It is imperative to create very user-friendly mobile apps for people so that it is easy for them to keep up with the news across the globe in an efficient way. The cost factor of news-based apps depends on all the factors discussed above.

If you are looking for a mobile app development company that can build newspaper-related applications then Codenance is the best solution for you. We have one of the best-experienced developers in this field who can build the app as required by you.



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