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Develop a Pregnancy Tracker App

How to Develop a Pregnancy Tracker App easily?

The moment a woman finds out she is pregnant; her life is forever changed. Women who are pregnant experience an abundance of positive emotions as they hold their baby in the womb and receive emotional, physical, and mental support.

Modern technology allows us to track pregnancy using an app. An app like this can enchant and propel women in their 9-month motherhood journey.

The mobile application can allow pregnant women to monitor each stage of their children’s development, providing them with access to all pregnancy-related data and information.

All tips, precautions, and safeguards necessary for pregnancy are included in the pregnancy tracking app, along with medication requirements, regular checkup schedules, and appointments, etc. During pregnancy, women can use the pregnancy tracker application to help them monitor their health.

The pregnancy tracker apps and baby tracker on-demand services app allow users to remain customized and personalized for a longer period. Tracking weight, pregnancy symptoms, and child growth are among the features they offer.

Furthermore, a pregnancy tracker app provides a variety of functions and features for the mother-to-be, allowing her to manage and track her pregnancy timelines in a proper way through daily and repetitive assistance from the app.

Thus, pregnant women looking for information and assistance can download a powerful, user-friendly application that can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet according to their specifications.

Can Pregnancy Tracker Apps and Baby Tracker Apps The Real Deal These Days?

A particular aspect of pregnancy is being able to observe how much a child can develop inside the womb is only a few weeks. Would it be great if we could tell the world about this app if one is available?

Consequently, these applications give women a great experience during the nine months of their pregnancy. These apps can be utilized by women whether they need to track their progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

IT consultant services and companies need to conduct deep research and analysis when developing pregnancy tracker apps. App development will become easier and feel more personal when you have the right knowledge and ideas.

In this section, we’ll initially discuss the benefits of pregnancy and baby tracker apps in preparation for motherhood.

  • Your baby’s development can be tracked daily.
  • Consult a doctor or nurse for expert advice.
  • Find pregnancy articles that are positive, helpful, and informative.
  • Users can stay on top of all the latest information and news with the help of pregnancy tracking apps.
  • By telling users how much protein, minerals, and vitamins they should take, the app aids users in choosing healthy food.
  • Pregnant women can practice yoga or exercise with this app.
  • With the pregnancy weight tracker app and the pregnancy symptoms tracker, users can get a weekly checklist and reminders to take their medicines.
  • By using the contraction timer, a woman can prepare herself mentally and emotionally for labor with the apps. It also counts a baby’s kick.
  • You can hire an app developer who can help develop an app that helps parents to capture belly shots when they are excited about becoming parents.
  • The app can also track your blood pressure throughout the pregnancy. It monitors your blood pressure.
  • Each of the moms can connect with the other when they all use a pregnancy tracker app. Similar to chatting with other moms in real-time.

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Key Features for A Pregnancy Tracker Android Mobile App Development

Women would be most interested in an application with an excellent user interface and a rich set of features. In any case, the app development features should be of a different level given the vitality of pregnancy, considering the emotions it entails.

Here are the features of pregnancy tracking apps:

  • Baby’s growth: The users’ baby’s growth can be tracked every day using the pregnancy tracker app. It allows them to track their baby’s progress over time.
  • Tips from experts: The user can find daily tips and advice in the pregnancy tracker app.
  • Articles that are small but useful: The articles will assist her in keeping her positive and knowledgeable about pregnancy during her pregnancy, which is why she needs a lot of information during pregnancy.
  • Newest pregnancy news: It is no secret that technology is rapidly evolving, and something new is invented every other day. The users can stay in the loop with pregnancy tracker apps with this feature.
  • Diet and nutrition during pregnancy: Pregnant women should consume a lot of nutritious food. Each vitamin, mineral, and protein the mothers need to consume ensures that their baby doesn’t suffer from nutritional deficiencies.
  • Fitness and yoga advice: Pregnancy tracker apps offer specific exercises that are beneficial for pregnant women, and they are offered in a comfort zone so the mother can use them at her own pace.
  • Prenatal checklists and reminders: The users need to keep you on track with a to-do list so users won’t forget to do important things during pregnancy like a timely check-up, medicines, and a lot more.
  • Timer for contractions: The prenatal test is used to determine what stage a woman is at in her pregnancy so that she can get emotionally and mentally prepared for when it is time to go into labor. The pregnancy tracker app’s contraction timer automatically counts contractions.
  • Count kicks of users’ babies: The pregnancy tracker app provides this feature, which is adorable. It allows the users to count the baby’s kicks. It is the most incredible feeling a mother can feel, but what is even better is counting it as well.
  • Maintain a weight-tracking system: The problem occurs when a woman is underweight or overweight during pregnancy, although it is normal to put on some weight during pregnancy. The weight of a pregnant woman should be based on their medical history. Consult an on-app gynecologist immediately if the users are concerned about their weight.
  • Taking belly snapshots: Having a pregnancy tracker app makes it easier for users to snap pictures of their baby. Parents are always excited to capture their children’s pictures, and now they can do it while they are on the tracker.
  • Monitoring your blood pressure: Women with high blood pressure and women with low blood pressure usually face this problem during pregnancy. Users will be able to track their blood pressure during pregnancy using the pregnancy tracker app, and then they can work accordingly.

Let’s Make a Budget for Developing a Pregnancy Tracking App

This is the time to decide whether an app to track pregnancy is cost-effective. The cost of developing an app depends greatly on the size and complexity of an application. It can be difficult to determine an app to track a pregnancy!

Besides choosing the features, the time and effort it takes from app engineers, developers, and designers to design and develop the app will also determine its success.

The following amounts are the costs associated with building a mobile application with a fully-featured pregnancy tracker according to different geographical zones:

  • $100 to $250/hr in the USA
  • $70 to $180/hr in India
  • $80 to $180/hr in Eastern Europe

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the costs of developing an App for Pregnancy tracker:

  • The cost of technical documentation is approximately $3,000 to $5,000
  • The cost of designing and planning is approximately $3500 to $5500
  • The cost of development is approximately $12,000 to $25,000
  • The cost of testing and evaluation is approximately  $5,000 to $7,000

The Bottom Line

It’s not uncommon to pay up to $23,000-$42,000 for a sensible application with good features and functions across a single operating system (iOS or Android). A high-quality and premium tool for tracking the pregnancy of women may cost you around $70,000 if you want to create an extensive application that competes successfully.

You should hire an Hybrid app developer that should be the one that provides meaningful service. Online, there are many IT consultant services you can go on and hire!

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